What is API?

An API — Application Programming Interface, is a computing interface that defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. It is a way to programmatically interact with a separate software component or resource.

What is REST?

REST is an acronym for REpresentational State Transfer. This term was coined by Roy Fielding in 2000. It is an architecture style for designing loosely coupled applications over HTTP, that is often used in the development of web services.

REST defines 6 architectural constraints that make any web service a true RESTful API.

What is a Stored Procedure?

A stored procedure is a set of SQL statements that are stored in a relational database management system after compilation so that it can be reused and shared by multiple programs.

Since procedures are stored on the database server which is faster than a client, you can execute quires faster compared to SQL statements used in a program statement.

The stored procedure is always available as ‘source code’ in the database, it is easy to modify the code in one place.

This tutorial is divided into two parts:

Part 1: How to create the Stored Procedure in MySql?

For this example, I am using 5.7.24 — MySQL Community Server (GPL)…


PHP Laravel knowledge.

A Heroku user account.

Heroku CLI, Composer, and Git installed on your computer.

Create a Laravel Application

The composer create-project command is one of the ways you can bootstrap a new project based on the laravel/laravel. However, I am using which is having an Admin dashboard on the web and RESTful API for consumers in Laravel 8 — Jetstream, Livewire, Sanctum, and Tailwind.

Open the project in command prompt and type

git clone


composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-news


cd laravel-news

Assuming this project is running in your local development environment and you are at the root directory of…

This tutorial would be the last part of our laravel-news application. We have already completed the migrations and models, relationships among models, and creating and consuming RESTful API. To create the user interface for admin users I have planned to use Jetstream, Livewire, Sanctum, and Tailwind.

The admin dashboard needs to be secure. Laravel comes with Laravel Jetstream which provides login, registration, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management, API support via Laravel Sanctum, and optional team management. Jetstream is designed using Tailwind CSS and offers your choice of Livewire or Inertia scaffolding.

We have already used Laravel Sanctum to secure…

Start a new Spring Boot project

Either use Spring Boot CLI or go to to create a “web” project. In this step, I prefer the second option. In the “Dependencies” dialog search for and add the “Web” and “MySQL” dependency as shown in the screenshot. Hit the “Generate” button, download the zip, and unpack it into a folder on your computer.

Spring Boot Initializer
Spring Boot Initializer
Initialize Spring Boot Project

Open this project in Eclipse or IDE of your choice. I am using Eclipse. Import the above-downloaded project from File > Import, it will install all the dependencies and within a few minutes, you are ready to go.

What is Database Relationship?

The backbone of any relational database is a database relationship. Once you have defined tables, you can relate the data held in different tables. In other words, database relationships are associations between tables that are created using join statements to fetch data. To achieve this one table uses a foreign key that references the primary key of another table.

Types of relationship


A record in Table-A relates to one matching record in Table-B, and each record in Table-B relates to one matching record in Table-A.

one-to-one relationship
one-to-one relationship
One-to-One Relationship

Each record in the Employee table is about one employee. That record relates to only one record in…

Laravel comes with in-built support to seed test data into a database. There are a few steps you should follow to successfully insert test data into the database. In this article, I will demonstrate to you how to accomplish it.

Before we begin, let's first install composer and nodejs.

Let’s start with a new Laravel project. To create a new Laravel project run

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog


laravel new blog

Then create a database and go into your .env file and input your database name, the database user name, and the database password.


The next…

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